Wednesday, December 15, 2021

BLEEDING SOULS SAVED by LOVE! Saved by the Rose by P.T. Macias #NowLive

 Saved by the Rose by P.T. Macias 

Carlo Rossetti

As the Underboss,

I'm ruthless.

My world is dark.

Full of blood and pain.

I'm disenchanted by life.

I'm tired and cynical.

A beautiful girl runs into my life.

She makes demands.

The girl has pure bright light.

She lights my soul.

She's an enchantress.

A Soldier wants her.

Should I protect her?

I need to keep her.

But I'm a monster. I can't taint her.

But I'm a selfish bastard.

I'm keeping her.

Rubi Rose Rosette

The man is a monster.

He has my Dad, I need to rescue him.

But the monster eyes call me.

He's more than what it appears.

I feel a connection with his soul.

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