Wednesday, November 3, 2021

BLEEDING SOULS SAVED BY LOVE! Broken Doll by Cedar Rose #NowLive

 Broken Doll by Cedar Rose

I know nothing but darkness and hate. Not all my life, just for the past several years. I could get away, but he would find me. Besides, I have no strength to run. That’s what happens when you’re being held captive and hardly fed. I’m going through the motions. I’m his new attraction. I dance. I dance for my food and a blanket for the night. My only though is to please him so I live another day. I can’t go far, I’m never alone since I’m leashed to his side. He makes my leash a part of the act, as I dance like a marionette doll. I have to hold out hope that someone will rescue me, since I’m sure my parents have given up. I just want to be real again, and free.

I’ve got no strings is the saying, right? I can do what I want, when I want. I only answer to my brothers, my father, and God. I’m heir to the dynasty that my father has built, and I take my job seriously as enforcer. My dad made me prospect like everyone else, I needed to work for my patch. I love the club and I will die for my brothers. I also love women, lots of them. I’m not opposed to relationships; I just haven’t found the one. Until her. I don’t know her name. I go there to watch her. She is captivating, beautiful. And haunted. What makes my blood boil is the leash attached to her throat and the fat man controlling it. To save her, I will kill.

A Fabled retelling of PINOCCHIO

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