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Lynn Burke
(Forbidden Obsession, #2)
Publication date: October 5th 2021
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Hot as a California summer and off limits.
Too young.
A rich, snobby princess, but I couldn’t help crave her innocence as much as the next man.
No matter how much her feigned hatred stirred up obsessive want inside me, I found myself protecting her from the real predator.
Betrayed by Addilyn and my father, I ended up in jail for assault.
But I’m a free man now, and I have what I need to get my revenge.
I’ll destroy the man who uprooted my life.
Make Addilyn pay for her part in ruining me.
My obsession has not waned in five years, so to hell with wanting.
This time, I’m taking.

WARNING: Taking, the second book of the Forbidden Obsession Duet, contains triggers and mature themes. Recommended for 18+


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Addilyn and the asshole eventually exited, moving across the parking lot together. My stare burned on the back of her head. She stumbled and nearly fell—until the blond fucker touched her.

Fucking touched what didn’t belong to him.

Jaw clenched and hands fisting, I roused my self-control to hold still, allowing him to help her right herself, all the while cursing his existence, his smile.

They moved forward once more, and I shifted with the deep darkness of the night, determined to get closer. To stop the fucker from putting his hands on her if he tried.

He bumped her arm a second time, blatantly flirting, and I growled, fingertips itching to rip his face to fucking shreds.

The thought he might kiss her goodnight—or even worse, follow her home to her place, raised my goddamn hackles, and I shivered with the need to unleash some violence. The hunting knife strapped to my waist suddenly felt heavier, the blade seeming to whisper as I slid it out into my palm. One slash would spill blood and keep whoever the fucker was from touching her ever again.

From behind a truck, I gritted my teeth and watched them approach her car.

Waited, every cell in my body vibrating.

She went to open her car door, and he reached out for her arm, halting her.

I took a step forward, the handle of the knife in my hand in a blink.

A few mumbled words—and he turned back the way they’d come, sending me sliding into the shadow of the truck.

Addilyn peered after him for a few seconds before climbing inside her car.

I stayed put and pressed against the truck, contemplating the blade in my hand and the clueless fuck seconds from passing me by.

Twinkie had taught me how to wield a knife and where to best stab to end a life.

And I considered it. Fuck, did I think on it.

Saw it in my mind… A quick grab, a single slash across the fucker’s throat. The spray of blood reddening the snow and slush at my feet. Soothing my rage’s need to unleash.

But he could easily shout before steel met flesh.

And the other people exiting the pizzeria behind me would see.

Five years in prison had been more than enough, and I couldn’t afford to land there again without finishing what I had planned.

Pulling back tight against the truck, I held still. Didn’t breathe.

And the clueless fuck waltzed right on past, not realizing fate had given him a generous second chance at life.

Author Bio:

Lynn Burke is a full time mother, voracious gardener, and scribbler of spicy romance stories. A country bumpkin turned Bay Stater, she enjoys her chowdah and Dunkin Donuts when not trying to escape the reality of city life.

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