Sunday, March 30, 2014

Author to AUTHOR Sneak Peek Sunday: The Certainty of Deception by Jeanne McDonald

Jeanne McDonald is revealing an excerpt of her upcoming release 
The Certainty of Deception 
book 2 of The Truth in Lies Saga coming June 2014.

The Certainty of Deception cover will be revealed on April 25, 2014.

“Now,” he continued as though I’d not spoken, “regarding Miss Hamilton.”
Every bit of my winner’s high was gone.  I already knew what was coming.  
“What about her?”
“Has she consented to the paternity test yet?”
“Morgan informed her that it’s safe for the baby now, but she’s not yet consented.”
“Hmm. I see.”
I bit my tongue.  It took everything inside me to maintain my control.  My father was baiting me.  This was a tactic I knew all too well.
“I assure you.  She will have the test done.  You have my word.”
“You word is worthless, Andrew.  Actions are more valuable.”  He paused.  My pulse quickened.  The man was hundreds of miles away, yet I felt as though I were sitting in front of him getting in trouble for stealing the Bentley when I was sixteen.  “Have you consider what you will do if the test confirms the child is yours.  Do you plan to do the right thing by this family and marry Miss Hamilton?”
I slapped my hand over my face.  There was no way in hell I would marry Olivia.  McKenzie was the only woman for me.  “I’m not marrying her.  I’ll draw up a custody agreement, but I refuse to be tied to Olivia by anything more than the child.”
My father huffed in aggravation.  “How is it possible that you’re my son?  This type of behavior is unacceptable.  Where is your sense of propriety, of duty?  Have you not learned anything, Andrew?  You have a responsibility as a Wise to maintain the image this family upholds.  Traditional family values.  You failed me ten years ago.  Do not fail me again.”
*This excerpt is subject to change for final publication  

The Certainty of Deception (The Truth in Lies Saga, #2)

Begin McKenzie and Drew's journey with The Truth in Lies.  Now available on Amazon.

Jeanne McDonald began telling stories at the ripe young age of five, when her mother considered the truth to be a lie due to her extensive embellishment to the retelling of an event.  She wrote her first short story when she was twelve years old, and at the age of sixteen she tried her hand at poetry.  She reconnected with her love for writing in 2010 thanks to the encouragement of a dear friend. 

Her passions include a "mild" Starbucks addiction, music, reading, quotes, movies, and romance.  When she's not spending time with her family, she can be found reading, writing, chatting with her friends or diligently working toward her bachelor's degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology.  A proud Texan, Jeanne currently resides in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with her family.

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