Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday from Author to AUTHOR: Sydney Logan

Today's Sunday Sneak Peek is from Sydney Logan. She's back with another holiday short story that is sure to put you in the holiday spirit. Be sure to enter her giveaway for an Amazon gift card and a handcrafted Christmas bracelet!  
Coming November 29 Exclusively on Amazon Kindle
It’s Christmas Eve, and Justin Banks is on the hunt for a last-minute gift for his wife, Megan. With the help of a homeless man and the beat of a drum, Justin stumbles upon the one thing Megan has always wanted. The one thing money can’t buy. It's amazing what we can hear if we just take a moment and really listen.
There’s something really beautiful about my wife, and it is a quality that a lot of people never have the chance to witness. There is a certain look in her eyes and a particular expression on her face that lets you know she's made a decision, and you’re an idiot if you even try to stand in her way. I have seen her work her magic on stubborn clients, deadbeat dads, and arrogant attorneys.  
This kid doesn't stand a chance.   
Megan drops to her knees in front of the little boy, right there on the dirty ground. “Luke, I just made some homemade chili. Do you like chili?”   
He nods quickly.   
“I also made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Justin loves them, and I always make a bunch extra. Do you like peanut butter and jelly?”   
Luke licks his lips, and my heart breaks.   
“Why don't you come home with us? You can help Justin eat his sandwiches, and later, we'll try to find your parents.”   
I can see the indecision on his little face. He doesn’t want to say no. That’s another incredible thing about my wife. Telling her no is virtually impossible.   
“My mom told me to stay here.”  
“But it's so cold, Luke,” Megan murmurs, her voice breaking with emotion.  
“I'll be okay.”
Megan lowers her head, and for just a second, I worry that even my amazing wife has met her match. But then I hear her quiet sniffles, and Luke's face falls when he realizes she’s crying.    He steps closer to her. “Why are you crying, Megan?”    She lifts her head and gazes into the little boy's eyes. “Because I'm going to worry about you tonight. I'm afraid you'll be hungry and cold.”   I hold my breath as he reaches for her, pressing his dirty little hand against her face. Megan doesn’t even flinch.    “I'll go home with you, Megan. Please don't cry.” Luke then looks up at me. “Can I bring my drum?”    “Of course you can.”    Megan sighs with relief and rises to her feet.  With a smile as bright as the stars, the little boy takes my wife's hand. She takes mine, and the three of us walk out of the cold alleyway.
Available November 29 
Exclusively on Amazon Kindle 

Sydney Logan holds a Master's degree in Elementary Education and lives in East Tennessee. With the 2012 release of her novel, Lessons Learned, she made the transition from bookworm to author. Her second book, Mountain Charm, was released in 2013. She is also the author of three short stories. When she isn't writing, Sydney enjoys playing piano and relaxing on her porch with her wonderful husband and their very spoiled cat. Visit her website at

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