Tuesday, April 23, 2013

K.I. Lynn's BREACH Blog Tour

Please welcome to the blog today, friend and fellow author K.I. Lynn for the release of her debut novel Breach. It will be available for purchase on April 24th!

Delilah Palmer has control of her life and outward personality, blocking the truth just below the surface. A fa├žade meant to be normal and hide the scars of her childhood. She’s made a good life for herself, became a lawyer, and is free from the tortured past that haunts her daily. Until he comes along and breaks open the cracks. 

Nathan Thorne has a past of his own. On the surface he is loved by all, personable, extroverted; everything Delilah isn’t. Hidden beneath is a dark and tormented man that only Delilah has to power to unveil.

Crammed in a small office together they see through each other’s masks, and the draw becomes too much, igniting an explosive relationship. Holloway and Holloway Law has a strict non-fraternization policy, forcing them to conceal their breach. Despite their efforts, separation becomes impossible, deceptions escalate, and Nathan has trouble coping; teetering on the edge of being overtaken by his past demons. 

What secrets does he harbor that could keep him from giving in? What keeps him from healing and moving forward? And Delilah, where does she fit into all this turmoil?

Can they accept love and deal with all the trials that come their way when secrets are exposed? Or will they fall through the cracks of their pasts and be consumed by all that haunts them?

Book 1 of the Breach Trilogy.


     “You are so much more than pretty. That was what I wanted to say to you that night. Instead I was inadvertently mean to push you away.” He pressed his body against me, pushing me into the counter. His forehead fell forward, resting against my own. “How do you do this to me?”
     With a small tentative move, I tilted my head, testing him, giving him an out before my lips found his. He didn’t move at first, didn’t breathe, but then his hands were in my hair, his tongue slipping in to find mine, his teeth biting my bottom lip when he gave in.
     “Fuck, you taste so good. Could fucking eat you for dinner,” he said with a growl, his hips rocking forward, pressing his cock into my stomach. He was hard and my eyes closed from the euphoric feeling of what I wanted.
     “Please what?” he asked. His hand moved down to my ass, squeezing it, pulling me closer to him as he continued to rock into me.
     My fingers clenched around the fabric of his shirt, the heat in my cheeks rising. “Please, Nathan, I need you to fuck me. I need you inside me. I’ve waited all day.”
     I received a moan of appreciation as the hand in my hair tilted my head back and his mouth began its journey down my neck. I was panting with need, still so worked up from earlier.
     He was unable to take any more, and lifted me up onto the counter. My legs wrapped around his waist, and the new position had him lined up with my throbbing pussy. He pushed his hips into mine, rubbing the length of his clothed cock against me. I moaned at the sensation, what I’d been dreaming about all day.
     “You like that? Little wanton slut begging for my cock. Is that what you want? Me to shove my cock in you? Make you scream?”
     “Yes, fuck yes!” I pulled him back down to my lips. We shifted again as need took over.
We worked to remove our clothing as swiftly as possible. It was difficult, what with our lips crashing together, and hands doing anything we could to get closer, but somehow we managed to remove them.
     “Fuck.” He shuddered as I took his cock in my hand, stroking him. “God, you are so fucking insatiable.”
     “Good thing you can keep up,” I managed to say as he lined up and pushed his hips forward, filling me one inch at a time.
     “So wet for me,” he moaned as he pulled out and slid back in, his hips stilling.
     His mouth moved down to my nipple, teasing it, the sensation sky rocketing down to my abdomen. I mewled, my hips trying to get him to move. My scalp cried out as he pulled my head back, exposing my neck, bowing my body and granting him access.
     His gaze was commanding as he sneered at me. “I’ll fuck you when I’m good and ready. Until then you will sit there with my cock shoved up your cunt and be happy it’s there.”
     A shiver ran down my spine at his words, and I complied. His hand moved down to where we were joined and his fingers began teasing my clit. I whimpered as the fire grew, my walls clenching around him, every flick of his fingers or tongue making me tighter. After a few minutes, his need to move took over. He started with short strokes that drove me insane. His teeth pulled on my nipple, and it was the final straw. My orgasm ripped through me, leaving me shaking.
     “That’s it, baby, come all over my cock.”

Boy, is it hot in here? You can read my review of Breach HERE.
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A fun fact of K.I. Lynn:
"Umm...my husband's response was that I make cute noises. I, on the other hand, would say I have a degree in fine arts."

K.I. Lynn spent her life in the arts, everything from music to painting and ceramics, then to writing. Characters have always run around in her head, acting out their stories, but it wasn’t until later in life she would put them to pen. It would turn out to be the one thing she was really passionate about.

Since she began posting stories online, she’s garnered acclaim for her diverse stories and hard hitting writing style. Two stories and characters are never the same, her brain moving through different ideas faster than she can write them down as it also plots its quest for world domination…or cheese. Whichever is easier to obtain… Usually it’s cheese.

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