Tuesday, August 3, 2021

BLEEDING SOULS SAVED BY LOVE! Waves of Fury by Michelle Corchis #NowLive

Waves of Fury by Michelle Corchis

 Wicked Warriors MC, Ontario Chapter



Yesterday, I celebrated my eighteenth birthday, and today I’m back in the pool practicing for the Olympics. My entire life has played out on social media, and the press dubbed me ‘Little Mermaid.’ All I ever wanted was to be a normal teenager, but my shrewd CEO father would never allow that, and after tonight, he would have no choice in the matter. What I wasn’t prepared for was meeting a sweet prince in the form of a rough biker.


I was a throwaway kid, all alone and didn’t have anything. Luck was on my side when the Wicked Warriors MC, Ontario Chapter, took me in at thirteen. Now at twenty-three, I had no use for feelings or love. That was until I saw a gorgeous red head on the beach not far from the clubhouse. Two townies were harassing her, and I jumped in to save her. The thing was, who was going to save me from her?

Bleeding Souls Saved By Love! A Fable Retelling of The Little Mermaid



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Bleeding Souls Saved by Love!


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