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BOOK BLITZ: Damaged Bride by Blake York #GIVEAWAY

Damaged Bride
Blake York
(Blood Empire Series, #1)
Publication date: May 20th 2021
Genres: Adult, Dark Romance, Romance

Nobody will touch what belongs to us, including the women we claim.

Brutal. Fierce. Relentless.

Everything I do I do for my family name.

Now they’re giving me another task—take the bride my father chooses for me. They call it business. I call it revenge. Only one empire with mafia ties can rule.

I’ll use her as a pawn. Break her down. She’s already damaged from the life she’s led. But then something happens.

She rises from the ashes…and learns how to break me too.

**A hero with an out-of-control possessive streak and the woman forced to be his bride. The claws come out, but the surrender is so sweet… DAMAGED BRIDE is a novella-length romance and first in the Blood Empire Series. Happily Ever After? You’ll have to take a chance.**

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When I see Avery O’Connor walk into the senior living center, I think she’s going to work a third job.

I approach one of the guards standing near the door giving a quarter of the shits he should. As he glances up, I see the fear on his face. The same thing I see on everyone’s face if they’re so unlucky as to meet my gaze.

He braces his legs and eyes me. Even if I dress less like I’m the son of the meanest SOB in the city, people fear me. And I enjoy knowing I can intimidate them.

“Can I help you?”

I wave him over. He comes wearily, hand twitching toward the nightstick he carries on his hip. As if that will stop me.

“A woman came in here a minute ago. About this tall.” I hold up a hand. “Blonde hair pulled back.”

He nods.

“Does she work here?”

The guard flattens a stare at me as if he didn’t hear the question.

Sighing, I reach into my pocket and withdraw a wad of bills. I peel off two Benjamins and slip them to the man.

He only glances at the bills for a second before he takes them. I can’t blame him—it’s probably more money than he earns all night sitting here guarding the door and the potted plant beside it.

“She’s visiting her grandma.”

I try not to show my surprise and leave the building. For the next half hour, I sit in my car, smoking too much and waiting for the O’Connor woman to emerge from the home.

I can’t believe I’m going to collect my bride. I almost laugh out loud at the idea of me saying vows. Everyone knows I won’t keep them, my father included.

This isn’t about love and romance, though.

It’s a merger.

A business deal.

She just doesn’t know it yet.

Author Bio:

Blake York got started writing dark romance as a teen, when the horrors of her mind lived on the page. Now she invites readers into that shadowed chamber with darker, filthier romance. And what can be more soul-shaking than a forced marriage into a twisted mafia family that rules its empire with bloodshed?

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