Sunday, April 3, 2022

BLEEDING SOULS SAVED by LOVE! Spinning Gold by Sofia Aves #NOWLIVE


Nameless. Scarred. Broken. Nadir is intimate with the darkest corners of his soul.

Even a ruined man has a heart.

Kade Ryan understands everything about hitting rock bottom. Known as Nadir inside his local Utah MC chapter, Kade has little information of where he came from and who his family is meant to be.

During a raid to rescue women snatched from their homes by a rival club that deal with sex-trafficking, he discovers an abandoned infant. Reminded of his own history and unable to leave the child, Kade takes the baby to the only woman he trusts—his foster mother.

The abandoned infant isn’t the sole person of interest. Summer Holmes stands out amongst the rescued women from the rival club. More than out of place, Nadir is drawn to her, and claims her as his own despite the mistrust of his MC brothers.

But Summer knows something about Nadir that no one else does. She knows his name…

SPINNING GOLD is a standalone MC dark romance retelling of Rumpelstiltskin.



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