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BLEEDING SOULS SAVED BY LOVE! Dani and the Outcast by R.E. Hargrave #NowLive #MegaGIVEAWAY

Dani and the Outcast by R.E. Hargrave

Release Date: January 15, 2022; 200 pages

Genre: Mafia romance, fable retelling


A princess.

A tramp.

A hunger for revenge.

Danielle Olivier has never wanted for anything material—some labeled her spoiled, a princess—and yet, she has a heart of gold. Unlike her father. Of course, as the head of the Olivier Crime Famiglia in Louisiana, he can’t afford to be soft. Or kind. Her station in life also means Dani has grown up under an ever-watchful eye. From private tutors to a driver, not to mention two nutty nannies with a penchant for 70s classic rock, she’s rarely had a moment to herself. When her father’s watch dogs aren’t hovering, her mother is—fretting and nitpicking Dani’s appearance, posture, fashion… anything and everything are fair game to her mother, including choosing her friends. It should be a fairytale existence, but if Dani can’t chase butterflies and fall down her own rabbit holes, dire consequences and all, the next best thing is to lose herself in simmering sauces and aromatic spices. And getting all the doggy cuddles from her best friend Dame.

Antoine Desjardins was raised by his maman and auntie in the 15th Ward of New Orleans. With no father figure urging him “to be a man,” he spent a lot of time in their small kitchen, watching, learning, and dreaming of bigger things. Brighter kitchens. Fusion flavors bringing not only palates, but people of all walks, together. Maybe even finding love one day. Young and full of life, working the French Quarter lets Juan set his own hours and decide how he wants to bring home the pay. How much of it gets added to his cooking school savings fund, however, depends on how hard he hits the pavement, and how many trades he’s Jack of. Not every day in the Quarter is peachy keen, though. Not when seen as a panhandler, and prejudice steers customers away from his dark skin and unusual accent. And not when having an ear to the ground sometimes uncovers things he’d be safer not knowing.

Returning from boarding school in France to the house Dani grew up in the Garden District may prove to be the excitement Dani has been looking for. Or it may bring the hardest lesson she’s ever had to learn. Things are different with her parents, and all clues indicate her father is up to no good.

Love hurts, and knowing who to trust, when feelings and judgment run deep, is almost impossible to do.

Bleeding Souls Saved by Love! A Fabled Retelling of LADY AND THE TRAMP


Paperback (Amazon)




Dani was still flummoxed by what Juan had pointed out to her—the obvious—but she wasn’t going to let it ruin her evening with him. She was learning all kinds of things about him, his friends, and the city… and had never felt more at home.

Slurping down some more of her daiquiri which seemed to be disappearing at an ever-faster rate, she followed him into the heart of the Square. All manner of people were congregated, some donning the traditional Indian costumes she’d only ever seen during Mardi Gras, others in Quadrilles and turbans, and of course, plenty wore simple jeans, or shorts, and tees. It was June, after all. The amalgamation of colors and fabrics exploding in a visual experience beneath the grand oaks surrounding them, the scent of incense and other things in the air, along with the percussion vibrating around the square tickled her senses.

Dame didn’t seem to know where to go or what to chase first.

“Juan, mes amis, good to see you here tonight.” A trombone blast accompanied the call.

Juan’s hands were on Dani’s hips while he moved her to the music. As one, they turned to greet the newcomer, a pixie of a woman with long, reddish-brown hair hanging down her back in thick braids.

Coucou, Amelie. Finally settled on an instrument I see.” He nodded toward the instrument in her hand.
Her laugh was infectious as her warm brown eyes seemed to dance in the waning light. “Yeah, Micheline helped. She didn’t like the tuba taking up so much space in our living room. Tu vas bien?”

“Been doing good. Really good since meeting these ladies here. Allow me to introduce Danielle and her gorgeous friend Dame. Dani, this is an old friend of mine, Amelie Bonhamme.”

Dani reached out to shake her hand, but Amelie pushed it away.

“Oh, no, Danielle, get in here. I don’t bite, although I do like to be bitten.” Amelie wiggled her eyebrows and they all laughed right before Dani found herself enveloped in the woman’s arms, which were surprisingly strong for her diminutive size. “We’re all family here,” she added.

Enchantée, and please, call me Dani, all my friends do,” Dani replied once she’d been freed and Amelie was stooping to greet Dame. She hadn’t realized until now Juan also knew French; there was still so much to learn about the man she was falling for.


To celebrate the release of my latest book, I’ll be putting together a mega mystery release assortment including a signed paperback of Dani and the Outcast, assorted swag, and whatever goodies I can find in NOLA when we visit in late January! Due to pandemic related delays and cost increases, this will be a US only physical giveaway. International participants are eligible to enter for a $50 Amazon Gift Card.

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